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Lifelong Alaskans with a passion for the outdoors.

Nick & Kristen Peters

My name is Nick Peters and I am the owner and pilot for Nick's Air Service. I am an avid outdoorsman, hunter, welder, pilot, husband, and father. From a young age, I have traveled extensively throughout the state of Alaska hunting, trapping, and working as a welder and a commercial pilot. Over time I have developed a great appreciation for aviation and the importance it has to us as Alaskans. After many years of training and hard work, I learned to fly and bought an airplane which allowed me to explore the far reaches of the last frontier.

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Wifey on the Water

My wonderful wife, Kristen, is an amazing outdoors-woman who loves to hike, ski, run, rock-climb and she is an accomplished boat woman. So much so that she and her sister, Meaghan, are co-owners of the Kenai Kayaking Company. They have spent their summers since childhood in Cooper Landing where they take kayak trips on the grand Kenai Lake, rafting drips down the mighty headwaters of the Kenai River, and help run their family owned business, Cooper Landing Fish Camp. 


Now that you know a little bit more about me and my family, you'll understand why our mission is to share the grandness of Alaska with you. Alaska's backcountry is unmatched in it's vastness, beauty, and adventure. We want to pass on this appreciation to our sons, Cecil and Rohn and share it with others so we can preserve our natural resources. 

We can't wait to take you where you want to go!

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