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Flights Across Alaska

Your Alaskan Air Taxi Can Take You on Exciting Adventures Starting at $385 a Person

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Chugach Glacier Tour
Trip Length 2 Hours
$385 a Person

Ten minutes from Birchwood Airport will have you over the Snowcapped peaks and glaciers of the Chugach Mountains. This flight will climb over the mountain tops to peak into Prince William Sound, at the Harriman Fiord and soak up the pristine wilderness to the East of Anchorage and Eagle River. After Soaring over the glacial snow and ice the flight will descend into the Knik valley where Dall Sheep, Mountain Goat, Moose, and Bears abide in the mix of alpine tundra and wooded valleys. An off airport landing allows for a break to soak in the vast scenery before exiting the valleys and returning back to Birchwood Airport.

Alaska Range Tour
Trip Length 2 Hours

$435 a Person

Departing from Birchwood Airport We head West to the Alaska Range where Mount Spur and triumvirate Glacier resides. This Impressive Landscape is home to an impressive Landscape Volcanic activity from Mount Spur and the previous ice ages Glaciers that are a part of the Tordrillo Mountains. An off airport landing allows for a look at the terrain and soaking up the tranquility of the mountains before returning back to Birchwood.

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image0 (3).jpeg

Denali Tour
Trip Length 3 Hours
$665 A Person

Denali stands as the tallest peak in North America at 20,310 feet and is the crown jewel of travelers wishing to see the awe inspiring size and scope of this portion of the Alaska Range mountains. Departing From Birchwood takes us over verdant boreal forests to the foothills of Denali where we ascend the glaciers and ice falls to the climbing camps and spires surrounding the ice encrusted spires. After flying through these impressive ice fields and mountains the flight turns South east descending through the tumultuous glacial terrain to a remote strip for a leg stretch and a look back at the awesome terrain covered during the flight. Once finished from the break its Southeast with a return to birchwood with an incredible memory made!

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Bear Viewing Lake-Clark
National Park
Trip Length 6-7 Hours

Lunch Provided
$985 A Person

Alaska is home to some of the largest bears on the planet, and lots of them! One of the best places to see these incredible predators is along the west side of the Cook Inlet, at Chinitna Bay and Silver Salmon Creek. Departing From Birchwood we cross the Knik Arm, following the Coastline and admiring the landscape and history of the area. Rivers, Villages, Fishing camps abound along with the occasion to see beluga whales swimming in the muddy tidal waters in search of migrating fish. As we near our destination bears often can be spotted along the beach as we circle to land. Disembarking from the Airplane at Chinitna allows for sea breezes , Eagles, and bears as we encounter “Ursus Arctos” foraging on grass, digging for clams in the mud flats, and fishing for salmon. After our Chinitna Bay stop its over to Silver Salmon Creek where another beach landing affords us to take a lunch break and continue the journey seeing bears in their natural habitat. This trip involves fairly flat walking on sand and mud. It is recommended to have footwear that is up to the task as well as a rain jacket. Binoculars are available to borrow. This trip is definitely the quintessential Alaskan activity and, as a lifelong Alaskan, one of my favorites!

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